Turbulent Tuesday - Fighters @ EGLC - 101800ZOCT17

Hey everyone!

Join us for this week’s Turbulent Tuesday Casual Server Event:
Fighters At EGLC

We head over to the London Region for some more fighter action at EGLC. Come out in your favorite fighter and fly around the region, perform some low passes, aerobatics, or simply do some patterns. Either way, let’s have some fun. Winds at EGLC always make landings and takeoffs more interesting and entertaining. This is a FIGHTER ONLY event.

Event details:
• Casual Server ONLY
• Tuesday October 10, 2017
• Event Start Time - 18:00 ZULU (11:00AM PDT)
• Event End Time - 9:00 ZULU (2:00 AM PDT on Oct 11th)
• Region: London
• Aircraft type: Any Fighter ONLY
• Starting location: EGLC
Hope to see everyone there!

*A valid Live subscription is needed.


Sounds good, I’ll be there.

I will be there for the (hopefully) last ever event by FDS before global!


Sounds good.

Ok. Let’s start.


I’m there in the back :D

Do WWII non supersonic fighters count !!!

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Should be interesting, will be joining😃

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I’d be coming! Seems a good idea ;)

if you need fuel i am flying south in a GlobalMaster 300kts FL250


I will definitely be there, can’t wait!

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