Turbulent Tuesday - Caravan Chaos at Concord @ KJQF - 181800ZAPR17

Hey everyone!

Join us for this week’s Turbulent Tuesday Casual Server Event:
Caravan Chaos at Concord

We head to the Charlotte region for some chaotic flying in the Cessna 208 Caravan. This aircraft is so stable yet very agile and a lot of fun to fly! After spawning at Concord Regional, you can either do pattern work there, or fly to Charlotte and do touch and go’s on each runway. You can do group flights, cargo hauls, or pattern work but let’s just have some fun in the 208. Who can achieve the highest amount of XP in one flight with the 208 today? This is a Cessna 208 ONLY event.

Be sure to share your pictures for a chance to have one shared on our Instagram page!

Event details:
• Casual Server ONLY
• Tuesday April 18, 2017
• Event Start Time - 18:00 ZULU (11:00AM PST)
• Event End Time - 9:00 ZULU (2:00 AM PST on April 19th)
• Region: Charlotte
• Aircraft type: Cessna 208 ONLY
• Starting location: KJQF
Hope to see everyone there!

*A valid Live subscription is needed.


Just here for the awesome weekly photos

Looking forward to Charlotte region though


I should be there:-)

Nice event, I’ll be posting my screenshots here after my flight.

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Well, I came early and took the “Chaos” in the title very seriously


You understood something wrong. There’s no ‘gears up’ option for a C208 :-)


The IFPVS will be there recording and making a video summary for the event!

I’ll be there -------

Look out for that DHL Caravan coming

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Greatest plane in IF. I should have some time to kill in this for sure later today. 😁


Anyone up for a flight in about 20-30 mins?


Sure, I can join you.

Just in time for my lunch break at work see u there Gago!! 😜😂

also it snowed in NC

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Snowed only on the taxiways lol. 😂

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Apparently so, obv a bug with the textures but it looked pretty cool made me wish we had more textures for taxiways. image

Come join us still! Its so fun! XD

The edited and non-edited photos.