Turbulent Tuesday - Airlines of Europe

This weeks Free Flight server event showcases the airlines of Europe. Select your favorite European Airline and join us in the Paris, France region.
Do some patterns at LFPG or have a flight anywhere in the region.

Event details:

• Free Flight Server ONLY

• Tuesday February 23rd)

• Event Start Time - 19:00 ZULU 11:00AM PST (February 23rd)

• Event End Time - 10:00 ZULU 2:00 AM PST (February 24th)

• Region: Paris, France

• Aircraft type: Any European Based Airline.

• Starting Location: Any. Or do circuits at LFPG.

• Recommendations: Have fun!

*A valid Live subscription is needed.


The Transavia is an Europe airline :)


Will European VA’s be allowed?

I can’t, not got France :(

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Can u do it in London?

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