Turbulent Tuesday - A318 vs 737-700(&BBJ)

Welcome pilots to another Free Flight Server event where just about anything goes for 15 solid hours. Join and fly any time throughout.

This weeks Turbulent Tuesday is a versus event. A318 vs. 737-700 (& BBJ) in Singapore/Kuala Lumpur.
A preview of the upcoming FNF A318-A321 vs 737-700-900 event. Let’s get a taste of what’s to come. Pick you side and represent anywhere in the region. Any speed, any altitude.

Be sure to share your pictures.

Event details:

• Free Flight Server ONLY

• Tuesday December 8th

• Event Start Time - 19:00 ZULU 11:00AM PST (December 8th)

• Event End Time - 10:00 ZULU 2:00 AM PST (December 9th)

• Region: Singapore / Kuala Lumpur

• Aircraft type: A318 and 737-700 (&700BBJ)

• Starting location: ANY

• Recommendations: Have fun.

*A valid Live subscription is needed.


Ya I will come

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For people who live in the eastern time zone it goes from 14:00 EST (December 8th) to 05:00 EST (December 9th). EST is 5 hrs behind ZULU, and when daylight savings occurs, we are 4hrs behind ZULU, because they don’t observe daylight savings

And btw, i will most likely come!

I’ll come!

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