Turbulent Landing

so after i was told that i would of smashed the 747s wheels clean off which is most propbably right i decided to do a update video in a 777-200ER which was (Smoother) but still rocky. no wheels were harmed in the making of this video lol check it out guys hope you enjoy. :) like and subscribe if you do.


thanks bro!

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Cool video, but when I saw this it made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂


LOOL thanks, bet it made you think wtf…haha @Nicholas_L


nice landing! i would of smashed that left wing to the ground if i would of being the pilot :’) too hard for me

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thanks bro! give it a try on solo mode its actually quite fun lol

i’ll sure give it a try!:)

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let me know how you get on maybe we will take a flight together sometime if your free :)

Nice landing, I could not have done that.

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thanks pal it wasnt easy the wind would just hit the plane all of a sudden but practive and you can its not impossible just difficult :)

Your welcome. Someday I gotta go on solo and turn wind down and gusts up all the way and see what happens.

im practising now with everything on extreme and its not nice lol ill post a vid of it up tomorrow ha

Lol, I would love to see a video of that.

I’ve just sat there for an hour and it’s literally impossible to do. The plane is unstable like I’ve never seen but the runway well that’s a story to be untold try it and you’ll be like forget that lol I’m done with that challenge it’s a myth 😂

Lol, I am going to do it later today.

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if i can doit ill be over the moon but itll look like the most scariest uncontrollable approach that would make someone not fly again haha

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