Turbulent But Scenic C172 Flight

Today o decided to do some VFR flying around california near the mountain ranges by LAX. I took off from Big bear and had some GREAT scenery flying along the mountain range that leads to the coast almost. Unfortunately my data ran out and o had no wifi so I decided to pick a airport near enough to land fast but not so close I had to do anyhting over a -1500 decent. Unfortunately before I could land my Infinite Flight crashed but I still got some food photos from the live replay. And there was a TON of turbulence the entire flight. My plane was shaking like crazy but i still was able to control it.


WOW ! Nice pictures ! 😍

Thabks. They where, and the entire flight was no autopilot and all interior view.

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How long did you flew?

Uhh. probably about an hour.

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It was 30 minutes.

Wow, i couldn’t hold a plane whitout autopilot 30 minutes! 😂😂

nice pictures i loved it

Yeah. It was tough but it was super realistic.

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