I usually keep them on the entire time, until they make the signs actually do something.

That would be bad for passengers to leave the sign on the whole flight since they can’t get up for anything in that matter. Usually after climbing like above 10,000 ft or reaching cruise I’d turn it off and if air is rough I’d turn it back on however most of the time I miss that since I’m idle.

I turn them on when I create turbulence

I don’t turn them on for turbulence but I turn them on/off when passing through 10,000.

idk why but as soon as I spawn in I turn the seatbelt sign-on, and keep it on until I parked at my destination. what can I say, I have very strict policies on my aircraft.

I just keep my seatbelt sign on throughout the W H O L E flight. The pax don’t get to use the bathrooms during the flight.


If I can offer a wee bit of real perspective, the seatbelt sign should at minimum be on below 10,000’ and in moderate turbulence. Compared to light turbulence or chop, a change in airspeed as well as noticeable changes in attitude is indicative of moderate intensity. Of course that’s needlessly vague, so I’d just recommend imagining if it’s easy or difficult to walk given the circumstances and use that as a guide for the sign.

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When I see wigs on the floor


-200 and -300 is barely even descending, thats like final approach decending. Normal descent is -1000-1800 and normal climb can be anywhere from +1200- 3200

Switch your camera into the wing view when you have turbuelnce, simulating as if you are the passenger, if it seems pretty rocky more than you think it’s safe to have people going to stand in line for the bathroom put on the seatbelt sign.

I use it in cruise when the aircrafts takes more than 1.1g regularly.

If I am being honest here, I forget the seatbelt sign exists until I start descending for landing 😬

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I don’t turn em off at all 😎

I usually leave the seatbelt sign on when we are in smooth air, and then turn it on when it gets bumpy for a free for all

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“Why not turn off the seatbelt sign in smooth air?” Asks the flight attendant

“No… that’s just what they’ll be expecting us to do!” -The pilot

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Recorded this over a year ago as I were flying above the Alps.
This is one of the signs you need to turn them on :

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Naw leave them off, I like to always see the end result… if you’re lucky you might get a shout out on the global news, like that one time I left it off and everyone became sick… good times, good times!


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