To you IF pilots, when do you turn on the seat belts, when turbulence hits ? in other words, what is your criteria.


When I hear the passengers screams for help.


As long as I feel it’s necessary

AHAAHAHAHAHAH Not until the baggage falls to the floor

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would like some serious answers. :)

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Most of my flights are long hails but if I’m awake and there is large turbulence, I will put my seatbelt sign on for added realism


turn it on if i’m flying over mountains with severe turbulence

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Turbulence, below 10000ft or high pitch during climb. I usually forget seatbelts even exist tho lol

and keep it on for initial descent and climb, but also general turbulence too, if it’s too much i keep the belts signs on

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Thanks for that. I guess i am asking, does it depends on how hard your VS is going up and down ? 100ft ? 200 ft ?

That’s not how you judge turbulence lol
Just see how much the hud is moving around

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If the plane is stable I don’t really bother but when I hear my throttle going up and down consistently, I turn them on


If your VS is dropping by 200 or 300 ft yeah, that is a good time for seatbelts…

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Especially in late summer / fall I was always doing trans pacific flights and there was some really bad turbulence especially off the coast Japan headed east. If I see the wings bounces back and forth and the plane is just moving like crazy and the hud . Then yep , cabin crew take your seats please. Passengers seat signs on.

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I get paid to take them to their destination, not for their safety ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Do this for more realism too

There are seatbelt lights??

25,000 feet

No, those aren’t modelled as far as I am aware, but there is a „seatbelts on“ button in the interface next to the „no smoking“ one.

To answer the original question: I only switch the seatbelts on mid-flight if it’s a notable turbulence which is more than just a bit bumpy. Especially if up/down movements are involved this might be the case, but as this is mostly based on my gut feeling I can’t really offer any fixed criteria, sorry!

It was a joke. I meant it like I never use seatbelt lights even in High turbulence