Hi everyone. So I’m new to the community and the game. I haven’t purchased a subscription. I’ve watched a few flight tutorials and have gained experience. But a problem I continuously experience is that, when I get to my cruise Altitude (25 000ft) and set my cruise speed to 250 knots. The plane starts to go turbulent and I don’t know how to stop it. Please assist me.


Your probably just encountering strong winds, also you should cruise a bit higher at or above Fl280 and a bit faster

250 kts is too low for an airliner at 25000ft.
Try to speed up to 280IAS at that altitude and reach at least M 0.80 at cruise level (FL290 to FL 410).

I don’t know what kind of aircraft you’re flying, but 250kts at 25000feet seems a bit too slow to me if it’s an airliner).

Also welcome to the community!

Maybe you are just too heavy loaded

What aircraft are you flying in?

My total weight is 55 200Kg

Thanks for the advise guys. I truly don’t know much about planes but I hope to become a pilot later in my life.
I’m flying the B737-800.


I would recommend cruising between 32000 and 39000feet. A good speed would be M0.78.

Also I would like to recommend you to have a look at the fantastic new user guide, which will help you to get an expert in no time:

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Thanks for the advice @JulianB.
I thought 34000ft was too high.


It also depends on how long the flight is. The longer the flight, I would say the higher your cruising altitude should be. 250 kts at FL250 is still a bit slow.

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250kts at fl250 is way too slow if you are heavy you might even be stalling ( that is what’s causing the rocking back and forth).

No problem, glad I could help!

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