thanks to the guilt of this simulator I got 5 violations from when a plane gets that way with the turbulence I take off the autopilot and I go back and put it on and say maybe it takes off I get distracted a bit and when I get back the plane crashes and from 22 thousand feet is amazing this. it’s unfair what they doimageimageimageimage

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Well first, slow down… When turbulence hit it helps to slow down a lot.


Now based on the pictures it looks like you are having a bit of porpoising wich is a known bug of the A320 family I believe if it was not fixed in the recent update…


Maybe switch on that seat belt sign 😜

I believe this is a known issue that is being looked into, and more than just Turbulence.


People, this is general request;


Most of you are causing these issues yourselves by always flying just below the red tape, with no margin for error what so ever.

You won’t see any A320-series climbing at 340IAS, and if you do… you will exceed the current mach limit we have set (M.87) by quite a few knots. You will most likely even exceed M.90

So, slow down and you’ll notice a lot of things will work generally better.