Turbulence Zone

Hello everyone, I have a small technical question. As we don’t have the weather indicators, how should I behave in case of turbulence? Thanks in advance for your answer.

Put seatbelts on…


Yeah… put seatbelts on.

Unless it is very very severe just fly over it. If it is very very severe to the point your plane will be inverted, just deviate a bit


Most aircraft slow in turbulence as well as look for flight levels that may be better. I am not sure the flight model in Infinite Flight takes into account the effects of slowing the aircraft.


:-) That’s done! I even equipped the plane with the vomit cones. Hahaha

There isn’t much that is needed to do during turbulence. Most planes can make it through turbulence just fine. Just make sure it doesn’t fall out of the sky :D

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OK ! Thank you

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