Turbulence & the SR-22

Cheers to all. I am currently flying the SoCal region doing alot of touch and goes in the Cirrus. There was an airport KDAG to the extreme north and a tad bit east of San Bernadino of KSBD where I had to go around twice before I decided to give up. Is it the plane or my skill? Winds currently gusting to 20+ up there but I got frustrated. Does anyone else get frustrated on more than 1 go around?

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Personally I like to do Go Arounds, just make it a little more realistic.

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It makes it more realistic :P That’s why I like go arounds.

Would it be difficult to ride a single prop plane in that type of turbulence. I’m twiddling my thumb questioning my skill level :(. I hovered at about 5AGL but could not touch down. I was rocking left and right like crazy

20+ is some extras winds especially for a Cirrus. It’s not “unsafe” but if your new it’s a challenge

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Make sure you’re landing on the correct runway. You should have a headwind or at least a crosswind when taking off and departing, not a tailwind.

you made the right choice, if it doesn’t feel right, bail out and full throttle out of the runway and onto approach hands, if not always have a plan as to where you’ll come out after announcing the go around. nothing wrong with your skill. The SR22 is delicate in high winds but amazing to fly. keep trying!

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I enjoyed doing go arounds when I had live. I loved getting handed off to approach. I remember on expert, flying into EGBB, one time I had to do three or four go arounds because tower kept lining up aircraft in front of me, even though they had cleared me. :(

The initial runway was yellow after my first go around I switched to a runway in the green i got a more stable approach but i still had issues. I’m going to conquer turbulent landings :D

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Keep working at it. Crosswinds and landing in turbulence can be a challenge for any pilot. You’ll nail it in no time!

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Quick and easy to maneuver I’ve gained so much XP riding around in this I’ve gained 7,000 xp between yesterday afternoon and this morning

@BAH242… MaxSez: Know your aircrafts capability. The SR-22 wind limitation is 20 Knot & full flaps. The extract below is a direct quote from Cirrus Standards/Ops. You said 20+ apparently you where out of the envelope.
Suggest you download the SR-22 Pilots Opersting Handbook or ORF.
I’d have diverted! “There are old Pilots & bold Pilots but there are very few old bold Pilots”…
“One of the most common problems we’re seeing,” says Bill Stone, Director of Flight Standards & Operations, Cirrus Design Corporation, “is that the minute there’s any substantial crosswind component, some pilots are landing with half-flaps or even no-flaps.” Stone says that what some pilot may not be realizing is that the maximum demonstrated crosswind for the CIRRUS (20 KIAS for the SR22 and 21 KIAS for the SR20) was conducted using full flaps, and that it’s the intention of the manufacturer that full flaps be used for all normal (non-emergency) landings.” (Flying). Google is your friend!


Thank you so much for the info. This is the link (http://www.inetefb.com/CheckLists/SR22_Maneuver_Profiles.pdf) of what I was using. Operating at full flaps seemed to make it worse and anytime i land full flaps i skid off the runway every time. Ive been landing 0 or 10 degrees of flaps and trim to manage the speed and descent.

@BAH242. Noted. In any case 20Kt+ is out of the envelope “Bold Pilot”. If you dumped it out of the envelope in the RW insurance would not pay off. Devert is the wise choose!. You brake it you pay, in IF only your pride I hurt! It’s not a question of skill level it’s the “wise” choose. Max

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Hold the nose wheel off the ground as long as possible as you slow down, and when you do set it down, release any steering input you had to correct for the crab. Moving to straight ahead steering as you put the nose wheel down is a timing thing, where practice makes perfect.

20 knots is the recommended crosswind component of it. There recommended doesnt mean you cant go higher. its all about skill level and how comfortable with the aircraft. Personally, ive landed a cirrus in 30kt winds before.

Full crosswind? What was the x-wind component?

I don’t Remeber. I just wanted to see if I could do it. It was just for fun

Oh wait it was in Infinite Flight not in in real life?

It sure was. Hence why it’s in live