Turbulence reports

I thought this would be nice to have. Alot of turbulence is reported by pilots so if you were like las Angeles center UPS 747 reporting minor turbulence at FL 340.
Let me know what you think in the comments

I don’t think this is necessary, if the turbulence is too strong to handle, the best you do is to request an approach to a near airport, and you can divert.

yep, a fun adition, but what would be the purpose of it? And the answer from the frequency? “Roger”? :) I doubt that would make any differnence to your approach, but I might be mistaken.


MaxSez: Unneccesary inclusion. If ATIS where reimplelated the data would be at hand en-route and on Approach. See the Topic; “Where’s ATIS”!


Maybe it could be something like you report turbulence/strong winds and then other pilots flying into the area would be alerted about it… example, the voice says “Watch out, strong turbulence reported ahead”

Sort of like how the navigation app Waze, you could report heavy traffic, police traffic stop, etc. and other drivers driving into that area would know about it. The voice says “Watch out, heavy traffic reported ahead”


With global just around the corner, I don’t think small updates like these will come for a while. And after global comes out, FDS probably won’t do another update for a while because of how long it’s taking to make global and how big it is

I doubt they would just sit back and do nothing. They will definetly keep developing and bring us more amazing updates like the A350, the CRJ Family (rework), maybe taxilights and so on. But they will for sure focus on the Major things. That would be a thing for the far far future.


Sounds like a nice idea. It would be nice to have info about the weather so then you can divert and avoid the bumpy ride… Unless you just want to fly straight through it and wake everyone up :)

You wouldn’t need PIREPS for this… The reason PIREPS even exist is that there aren’t any weather radars accurate enough to always see turbulence patches, icing areas etc… That’s not how IF’s weather engine works, so you can’t come across unexpected turbulence.
@Maxmustang you don’t need to link to your topic in every post. ATIS doesn’t cover this area whatsoever, but I’m sure you knew that already ;)


New York Center, this is Delta 723 reporting light chop at FL330

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I think that adding realism

You are recommended to vote for your own feature request… wouldn’t quite make sense otherwise ;)

@Mats_Edvin_Aaro… MAXSez: Thanks for the opening. NWS publishes Turbulence/Covective Area Charts in its National Bcast, one of its sources is the PIREP Bcast on the common channel. One routinely checks regional Wx from that source during pre-Flight in the RL. As for ATIS; Turbulence and others significant weather phenomena an be found in the “Other Information” section in an ATIS Auto BCast, significant PIREPS are often included. And yes Mats I’m an ATIS advocate and will continue to hi light and mention that Pilots friend until it’s re-installed. Gooday

(Tip. I use the App “My Radar” for State side NWS grafic Wx reporting. I use it when I open IF prior to choosing a Region.)

PIREPS are next to never published in the ATIS, unless it’s for windshear, heavy gusts or other ‘dangers’ close to the AD.

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@Mats_Edvin_Aaro… “Next to never”! That sez it all.
Mentioning my name was off topic. Suggest you use a PM for Juvenal Jousting my lad. It’s unseemly, Use a PM.

What? It was an answer to your statement. The fact that you can’t deal with the tiniest piece of critisism is really not my problem. :)

Aaaaaand back on topic… :)


I wouldn’t mind seeing a wind/turbulence overlay to the map. I think maybe one day later down the line after global is released. Similar to windy.com.

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