Turbulence problem

Hello, so I was flying today and I noticed that i have been some turbulence on the way up to cruise and I didn’t really think of anything but ever since I installed the new hot fix, I’ve been getting like non stop turbulence the whole flight and before the hot fix it didn’t have that issue so idk if it’s like a bug or anything but I just wanted to point that out.


Yea before the hotfix, turbulence was affected as a bug. Now the hotfic is out, you’ll experience turbulence like never before.

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Yeah the hotfix was to get fix a bug which took out turbulence so now turbulence is up todate

Good you mention it!
The whole atmosphere over central europe was turbulent, the higher the windspeed the higher the turbulence seems to be, which is not necessarlily the case.

Where the wind speed chanced during approach and there was a marked decrease in wind in the friction layer, the wind speed “vibrated aound 30-40 KTS violently”, as if the aircraft had no inertia at all…

The power setting is also “vibrating” like hell, which is very, very unrealistic for autothrottle/autothrust.

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Oh ok thank you I thought it was like some bug I was so confused thank you so much guys!

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I noticed that last night and today as well. Had some pretty good turbulence on my climb out of Orlando last night and my entire arrival and approach into Frankfurt this morning, just thought it was a coincidence 🤷🏼‍♂️