Turbulence physics

has anyone experienced some rough and unrealistic turbulence as they climb to cruising altitude?


I would suggest checking the PIREP reporting thread. It’s nice to know what other pilots have experienced in certain areas. Although the last post was 20 hours ago so I don’t know how helpful it’s going to be. Personally I have not gotten any turbulence lately just some moderate winds upon landing.

Have you tried comparing with Windy.com, are the numbers off?

Your aircraft will really move a lot if your flying against the wind or if you have a major crosswind while at cruise or cruising. If you experience this while at cruise, then it’s best to descend to a lower altitude like 26-28,000 ft if your above FL300. This can also be a wind issue in which sometimes the winds aloft systems don’t work.

If you are in the 757, it’s known to have a little bit more turbulence than normal. If so, that’s totally normal. If you’re in another aircraft, I would check windy.com to see if it matches up

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