Turbulence NOTAM

I’m making this warning based on the fact that many of the established routes for today’s FNF come from the southwest en route to Seattle. If possible, if you are cruising between FL300 and FL390, try to avoid the airspace between Fresno and Tonopah. The turbulence in this area is extremely severe today.


Ideally, I recommend that flights avoid Colorado, southern Utah, southern Nevada, and the center of California. I’m flying from San Diego to Seattle and I’m getting absolutely rocked.

Just thought I’d give a friendly head’s up :)


It would appear that it’s the same turbulence that caused Delta 5763 to have to divert two days ago. The turbulence is lingering I guess…


This should be interesting…


Thanks for the heads up mate 👍 was planning on doing a South West Flight tomorrow

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I’m relieved that turbulence is out of my route

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