Turbulence issue

I just searched in support, simply this:
A321 #support

I stopped counting at 12 the number of topics devoted to this issue.

There are some very good responses such as the solution in:

Except this topic is not about the a321 but for every plane I’ve been having this issue with. Maybe I just used a bad example

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If you could post video of other aircraft exhibiting the issues related to what you’re describing (when you encounter them) that would help further tie it down. I made my comment in relation to where some of the other comments were headed added to my own experience with the bank oscillations in the A321 as shown in your gif.

As for the A321 as a special case, the onset of oscillations I feel might be more triggered by turbulence input.

As for turbulence in general in IF, as I mentioned earlier:

I’m all for your topic. Sorting out what is what with turbulence occurrence vs aircraft behavior and all.

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