Turbulence intensity problem

Hello there has been a turbulence intensity problem close to the ground ever since I downloaded the app. Whenever I am at cruising altitude the turbulence intensity is realistic but when I get about 5000 feet off the ground even with wind at like 23kts there is almost no turbulence where as in real life there is a lot of turbulence when the winds are that strong. Can someone please tell me why this is.

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The weather is based on the actual weather at the airport. In real life, I’ve taken off at 25-30 wind condition but no turbulence whatsoever. That’s why it can’t be said for sure you’ll experience turbulence but it all depends on the airport.

I know but it can’t be every time that there is no turbulence or it’s extremely light.

Also keep in mind, the wind speed does not make it turbulent per say. It is the gusts that will make it bumpy.

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The wind doesn’t make it bumpy? I have landed in 44kt non gusting winds and it was pretty bumpy, I am just saying that in real life there would be loads of turbulence with 20kt winds, even go arounds.

Turbulence and wind are seperate parameters in IF. Usually there is no turbulence near ground, unless there are gusting winds.
Sky vector shows turbulence within the US. SIGWX on simbrief shows turbulence world wide. You can use these to avoid heavy turbulence.
BTW it is unusual to plan around turbulence. Usually you go above or beneath it. Of course it’s a different situation if it’s a thunderstorm.

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Also, it may differ based on the directionality of the wind. For example, the other day, I was completing a flight from LOWW-KORD, and on finals into Chicago, i encountered a 42 knot crosswind, causing sever turbulence, from an incoming thunderstorm in the region. However, I have landed with almost 45 knots of pure headwind, and my landings were some of the smoothest ever.

Directionality plays a key role in turbulence as well!

No crosswinds do not cause more turbulence by themselves. However heavy crosswinds are usually gusting so that causes turbulence.

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