Turbulence injures 24 passengers on jetBlue Flight.

8/12/16 6:05am| A jetBlue flight from Boston (50 miles south from where I live), A jetBlue flight originating from Logan International experienced Turbulence that Injured 24 passengers. The flight diverted to Rapid City, SD, and was heading to Sacramento, CA.


It says late Friday night.Wouldn’t that mean it happened last week?

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August 12, 2016 6:05am

late at night does not mean last week. it just means around 2 am to 6 am.

That’s early this morning …

If it is still dark, its still considered Nighttime.


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I know that, But most of the news outlets has been reporting this like 2-3 hours ago

Even my local News Station, WMUR NEWS 9, reported this 3 hours ago on the same thing! (Was updated at 8:39am EST)

I want you to google this. This happened late at night today. Ignore that New Tab thing.

Insane! I hope everyone is getting healed.

I saw this on 7News this morning.

SEATBELTS! IT ISNT THAT HARD OF A CONCEPT. common sense aint so common


I hope the passengers that were injured are ok but did they have seatbelts on?

It doesn’t say if they had seatbelts or not.

The captain to,d them to buckle in, but some people bounced around so it looks as if they ignored their advice… 🤔

You got that right.
Hope all the passengers that were injured heal.

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