Turbulence in Europe!

Hey guys, anyone experiencing heavy winds in Europe today? I was flying LSZH-EHAM and the last minute decision to switch runway 27 to 22 was a right call, still managed to bite my lips while landing though, exciting times!

Here's a heavily edited replay snippet of this near incident, sorry if it's a bit dark and also for the overall quality I'm still using my old phone to play Infinite Flight, give it a like if you like it, thanks guys! :)

Infinite Flight - Turbulent EHAM landing RWY22 - YouTube

B737 flight LSZH to EHAM, Expert Server.
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You ain’t alone mate, experienced 25+ knots of winds whilst landing at Dublin and Heathrow just today. Was my first time experiencing such high winds whilst landing tho

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Me everytime I fly around Europe

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