Turbulence in Canada

I am flying from CYUL- CYYZ and there is a lot of turbulence any one know why?


High winds. The jet stream runs right through that area.

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Because it’s windy…

A great website to check winds is windy.com, it’s helpful knowing how strong the winds are on a long flight.

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I was very shocked of how much bumpiness I am having

Never knew that jet streams flow through Canada

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Jet streams happen all over the world.


Wind map

That’s in real life as well?

The weather you’re experiencing in Infinite Flight is exactly the same as the real world.

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Cool but its just the winds rain doesn’t show in IF

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Maybe strong winds, it happens a lot

Quick question what altitude is the wind being recorded at on windy? The wind on the ground is much different that way 38000 ft above it

Default is surface level, but you can change it with the slider on the right.

My screenshot displays the winds for 12,000 meters (39,370 feet).

Wind speed and turbulence are two different things though. Windy does not map turbulences as far as I know

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