Turbulence forecast?

Hey guys!

I’m not sure if there is anything wrong with the weight of my aircraft because it’s shaking a lot but I have no idea if its just normal turbulence or not.

Is there anyway I can if there is any turbulence? I’m currently flying between Lebanon and Cyprus.

What aircraft are you flying, at what altitude and what speed?

Weight if you know it would be good too.

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I’m flying an Airbus 321 at FL320.

Load: 74.000kg
speed: 424kts

Thanks for your quick reply! :)

Yes. Expect there to be some turbulence. Based on where you say you’re at, you’re in the jet stream.

Use Windy.com to see what the winds are doing at your location. It is great for real time ± a few minutes or for your forecast.


Oh cool! I will use that.

Does Infinte Flight have the same weather as the real weather?

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Yes buddy, it’s also worth noting the AP bud on the A320 series of aircraft too.

Sorry but what do u mean by AP bud? What is that exactly? :)

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It does mirror the real world weather patterns. A few things such as clouds and precipitation, you will not find. In areas where there is low visibility, you may encounter fog. Its a neat experience.


AutoPilot, if the aircraft doesn’t hold it’s altitude and is pitching up and down. Try climbing to your altitude with the VS setting and setting it semi-manually so you come to a nice level cruise.

Their is a bug for some people where it jumps iratically.

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Agreed! Love approaching foggy airfields!

Got it! I have actually noticed that before but it rarely happens for me.

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