Turbulence at PHOG

Ok so I was flying from PHNL-PHOG in training server I was at around 3,000 feet coming in for a landing and then all of a sudden turbulence hits me out of no where . Wings are flexing like crazy ( flying Air Tahiti Nui 787-900) I couldn’t even control my plane I had to try and attempt a go around which felt impossible due to weather. I come in for a go around again and then it keeps putting my plane in stall I couldn’t even control my plane I had to abort that flight which I hate doing . That will probably be the last time I fly in Hawaii lol . ( No it won’t 😉 ). Anyway just wanted to let you guys know. Have you guys ever faced the same problem ?

P.S. The wing flex is amazing I couldn’t stop looking lol


It was either an incorrectly updated METAR or just a strong microburst. :)


Hawaii has been having strong gusts, up to 30 kts.


Always turbulence going into PHOG.


Oh ok lol pretty upset because I put in a lot of work for that flight lol

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I love the Hawaiian scenery and the region in general, but the weather there is almost always terrible especially at PHOG


Yeah it’s amazing and I just got the region and I love it but the weather is annoying I spent about an 1 hour and a half conducting the flight and aborting the flight on landing got me upset lol. I wanted to land perfectly my first time lol


Yes. Happened to me. But with a 767 and the second time with a 717

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