Turbulence and Winds?

I’ve been flying the a380 as of recent and have found that it’s extremely hard to speed up and climb in even 5-10 knot winds. I’ve been stuck at a constant speed of 160-180 knots and the flight is extremely long even with the throttle at 100% power.

How can I combat this?

Check you flaps and weight.

What should my flaps be set to?

Weight should be light?

Your takeoff weight should be below MTW. Flaps should be one to two depending on runway length.

How bigs the runway?

I usually use Flaps 1+F. Have your tried changing your trim? 15% trim is usually the best to use for a heavy aircraft.


What angle are you climbing at?

What is your vertical speed. Mine is always at around 2000 fpm

I would guess this is likely the cause. Having watched hundreds of pilots try to climb at 7000 FPM.

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