Turboprops in Crosswind

As we await our Q400 and/or other turboprops to be added to IF, take a minute to enjoy these birds struggling in a crosswind. Maybe take some notes!


hahaha I literally just posted this. Didn’t realize you already had. I see some great events and landing competitions to be inspired by this.


@AR_AR. Max Sez… Slipping, Sliden and a little Craddin now that’s aviating!
Eye Candy! Watch that Rudder action fellows, Can’t wait to watch the IF Bus Drivers pushing Reciprocating Iron!


Gosh, that last one! ;-)

Damn, and I don’t know how to make a crab landing.

I’m surprised that thing landed in one piece.

When the dash 8 is on final it doesn’t look like his nose gear is down lol.

I actually can´t wait until we get some turboprops! It´ll add a great deal of fun while playing.

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