Turboprop Power Settings

With the rise of popularity (attention) of GA / Turboprop Aircraft in general in the game; I’ve been wanting to ask this question of power settings for a turboprop vs Jet.

People spend fortunes on learning to fly, I have Google and YouTube trying to understand this.

In the game, for turbofan engines the power slider with power percentage on the button and N1 at the top where in cases you need to be more concerned with N1.

The turboprop, including piston engines just have power.

But similar to a car engine and transmission in a prop you have Engine RPM settings, Prop speed/pitch and SHP settings which you change when either taking off, cruising or landing much of this has become digitally controlled.

I’m not trying to overcomplicate the game with requests for new features (for now)

Oh, yeah, my question:. in the game, what power settings should you shoot for “realistic” take off, climb rate and cruise speeds? What is the power settings in the game based on?

I’m pretty sure 100% all the time to Max cruise speed then set Auto throttle is not the way to go :)

Like in the game you can set power to 100% on the Q400 (which is like driving a 900 horsepower school bus), takeoff fully loaded from a 4000 ft runway reach 250 kts at 6000 feet while climbing and reach your cruise altitude in 10 minutes. Which BTW the auto throttle is horrible on, change by lowering 10 kts, it drops to 20% waits till your 20kts slower then Rams the throttles 90%.


I’ve pretty sure that they use 95% for takeoff, about 80-85 when climbing. The speed depends on fpm a lot

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Yeah, in the C208, if any kind of heavy at all in the game, depending on airfield altitude you’ll be hard pressed to make 800 fpm without danger of stalling and power is all ready balls to the wall, which is where the expression comes from. The throttle’s had a ball on them like a gear shift and you pushed the throttle to the fire wall.

I think “hi tailing” it came from flying fast enough where your nose was trimmed down. :D

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As to the second question:

I feel as though only a developer would know what it’s based on right? I hope I am understanding the question.

Yeah I suppose so lol. I see in videos where power is at “100%” but they’re changing the prop rpm or the shp. I guess the purtanant (sp?) question would be based on game settings what should be the best power settings for a closer to realistic performance to keep your plane out of the shop :)

I guess all the in game turboprops are GE NEXTGENs lol. Like driving my car the computer, engine and CVT are constantly adjusting my engine RPM, tourque and horsepower and all I gotta do is press the gas pedal :). I just know not to floor it all the time and not drive it with high RPMs

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This has happened to me before, and This usually occurs when I transition from manual to AP without checking my altitude. Other than that it usually never happens. That’s just me.

Hopefully we can get a definite answer to your question soon. Thanks for your service and see you around!

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Yeah, when I set from manual to Auto, I usually tap the button at about 2kts slower than desired then quickly bump it 2kts to minimize the effect. When I slow, I either have to do it a knot at a time or go to manual then slowly back off till I get 2knts slower, re engage then quickly bump up 2, all while changing heading and responding to ATC lol

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@Aquila Knows like everything about the Q400 being in Porter va so will probably be able to help here

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Setting flaps and trim correctly is pretty big as well but I would also like to here what others have to say.

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I’m wondering if maintaining 80+% throughout your climb to TOC is too much to maintain climb rate and speed? I’ve been backing down to around 70% after initial climb and adjusting VS and speed according to flight plans in absents of departure control (we always see arrival control not much in the way of departure control/clearance, which usually is just "a proceed on course"and obviously no en route centers). Once I’m at altitude and cruise speed I’m in the 60s (I’m usually set for MCR or HSC)

Even when I’m heavy in a Q400 taking off from an average altitude airfield on the US like ATL or CLT with at least 6800ft of runway and obviously up to moderate wind conditions I takeoff with around an 82% power setting, flaps5, I have plenty of speed throughout v2, vR and climb out at about 1800 fpm give or take and still accelerate. Flaps up around 160-170 kts , continue to accelerate to around 200 kts it’s climbing at anywhere from 1800 - 2200 fpm. Then I’m usually adjusting after that as the air gets thinner to continue acceleration to at least 216- 220kts during climb. I usually cut back to about 75-78% power. Then again adjusting for planned cruise speed (whether I’m planning ISC, HSC or MCR) anywhere from 250-280 depending on altitude and cruise profile.

In the C208, yeah it can be a struggle if your heavy and not in the 90s at least :-)

But with all Aircraft you see a lot of players at full power in hard turns rocketing to altitude 😀


yeah like ‘‘thrust set’’ or ‘‘Flex temperature set’’
then Computer will calculate itself for max VS according the thrust you gave.

Some of the Aircraft (haven’t reworked) the climb thrust sometimes over 95% N1.

Only those new planes N1% are accurate like… 787,777,a320 and MD11F

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I was wondering lol, because when similarly loading an E175 (62 pax and 50 pounds per pax of luggage) that I do in the Q400 … Well the E175 cries and begs for mercy and needs nearly 100% if not more and don’t ask it to go to FL300 unless you want to go as slow as ATR in a 80 knot headwind…based on 87% N1. More N1 means more fuel, means more weight means slower lol

I tried it at KASE once lol, Q400, a little more power but easy, E175? Almost ended up landing on Red Table (DBL-VOR) lol. Do the same pax and payload for an E170 and you’ll get better performance than E175

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Working off the assumption that the Q400 is fixed at max prop rpm (1020), takeoff power would be 88% (NTOP), climb power around 82% (simulate pulling condition levers back to 900 rpm) and cruise just whatever I need to maintain the cruise speed I want. If you want, you can avoid using auto throttle as the Q400 doesn’t have it.


Awesome @Aquila! Thanks. I usually hold off on auto throttle until cruise so I can avoid violations lol. I got a ton of violations in one flight because girlfriend started in on me about something, got sidetracked, but that’s another post, which I’ve already wrote about lol


So what I’ve done in real life is 100% for takeoff. Then you reduce power a bit to about 85%. I haven’t flown with autopilot as the plane I fly is a small piper from 1995. So this means that I don’t reduce throttle to exactly 85%.

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