Turboprop plane


add turboprop aircraft like ATR or DASH?


Yes both Atr 72,42 would be nice to see in infinite flight. And a Dash8

Noisy ATR aircraft

Mate, firstly I know that probably this doesn’t count, because you’re asking for prop planes, but please 1 Topic per request, and since those topics have already been addressed please look at the links below.

ATR 72:

Bombardier Q100/200/300

Bombardier Q400:

Please search before posting. I count this as a duplicate topic, @Aernout, @MishaCamp, @Swang007 close the topic.

Hint: send a request for an ATR 42, as there isn’t one yet. Make sure to read the guidelines before posting!


Please?? ;) Thanks for tagging consider it done :)