Turboprop fly across the Atlantic ocean

Can any of the turboprop in-game fly non-stop from the UK to the US? I know the 130 can, how about others?

The TBM won’t make it. I barely made it to Iceland from Canada and that’s going eastbound with the jet stream at the time. With the TBM you can pull off about 6hrs before you run out of fuel. You’ll also need to fly book numbers to attain optimum efficiency.


Well, the TBM can do this, in RL :

The TBM cannot fly across the Atlantic nonstop though, but as shown in that it can do it in short hops. The longest journey I did with the TBM was a consecutive CYXX-CYQT-CYYR-BIRK-EGJJ leg (along with some pretty bad sleep, do not reccomended). Made me learn a lot about using the TBM and doing long flights with it. I definitely couldn’t do it non stop from the UK to the US either way mu n like the other prop aircraft with the exception being the C130.


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