Turbo Prop speed restrictions

Hey Just wondering why is the TBM 930 limited to 230knts when cruising at FL240? I like many of us watch Steveo Kinevo and try to fly like he does. However upon trying to reach cruise I was shocked to find out a speed limit of 230knts for other GA planes like the cessna or Xcub these limits are fine. If there is any reason for this please let me know below. (If someone could make a feature request to have this changed Id be grateful.)
-Much appreciated Ironman

Yeah I thought that was kind of strange when I flew it several weeks ago too. Looking at the PIM for the TBM 930 it says the maximum cruising speed is 330 so I want to say it’s maybe an error but I don’t really know!

I would maybe change the topic to support to grab the attention of someone in the developers team who might be able to answer it better!

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Update to my speed restrictions on decent now at about FL200 the restriction goes up to 260. In the TBM 930.

230kts IAS, that’s not the same as GS which you are most likely referring to.
Please see this:

Im looking at indicated airspeed. I dont think TBMs can enter a moch mode also I mean regaress it when down when you go higher.

The limits are entirely accurate. You can’t do commercial jet speeds with a TBM or Dash.

Yes I understand that aspect I was wondering why its 230knts at FL240 for the TBM the airplane is realistically capable of cruising much faster. (around 300 knts) also as I previously posted it was slower at FL240 than at FL200. My research shows the TBM is able to operate as high as FL300.

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This is in TAS, not IAS.

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I stand corrected. Well the in game limit is 230knts at FL240 and 260knts at FL200. Im just wondering why those are set that way?

If you read the linked tutorial, you’ll understand why :)

Air speed decreases the higher you get since air gets thinner etc.

And just for reference, our limit is actually a bit too high:


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