Turbo Hélice

What brought the if team to decide to build only one turboprop for regional flights, which is the Bombardier Dash Q400 … We remind you that there are several variants of turboprop aircraft. Two examples are the EMB120 and the ATR72 …
Will the IF team have plans to develop new propeller tube aircraft? …

Lots of people want turbo props, and i agree some more do need to be added in the future, so check these threads out and vote for them:)


Oh, aware!!!

my votes are all over.

Then you may have to free up a vote if it’s something you really want to vote for. If ya keep liking and staying active you’ll get to TL2 and will get more votes. :)


Okay, thanks my friend!

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Thank you @Alphadog4646 and @Asher for being so helpful