Turbine Conversions - Turbine Cessna 206


Credit: Turbine 206 - Cessna - Turbine Conversions, Ltd.

Cessna 206 Turbine Conversion

The Cessna 206 is a widely produced light aircraft made by Textron Aviation. This feature request focuses on a kit/upgrade variant produced by Turbine Conversions Ltd.

The conversion replaces the smaller default 206 engine with a Pratt and Whitney PT6A turboprop engine. This provides greater reliability, speed, and JetA fuel compatibility.

Screenshot from Turbine 206 - Cessna - Turbine Conversions, Ltd.

What do you think of this craft? Would you like it to be added?

Look at this beast engine 😳

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The aircraft is nice but I think that we don’t need an aircraft like the C208 in the sim. More like a king air or something else

We already have the 208 in sim 🙃

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That’s why