Turabali’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (WRITTEN TEST PASSED)

Hey guys, am preparing for my IFATC practical so it would be cool if u guys join me at OTHH (TRAINING SERVER) and then give me some feedback!

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hey whats up! ill come fly some traffic patterns for a bit. what gat do you want me at?

air canada 15

What ever suits u! Waiting…

just loading in on an A321. also excuse my bad landings, im one tired pilot :)

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one sec my internet crashed (this is from my phone’s data) imma try to be back asap

Np, waiting😉

Alright there’s definitely a lot of things you need to work on and improve before the practical.

  1. The airport was a little weird and that’s my fault for not pushing back the other direction and having to do a weird turn on the runway.
  2. The give way command was good.
  3. You don’t need to say “follow aircraft ahead” if Air Canada is already giving way to me, I’m just a little confused on that. If you wanted him to change taxiway, telling him “Right at next taxiway” would probably be more appropriate.
  4. When it was just me in the pattern everything was pretty good. Maybe a couple late clearances but it was all fine for the most part.
  5. When you were getting Test Flight up in the air you told me “maintain slowest practical speed.” I presume you did that to get the departure in the air. You should instead use “I’ll call your base” to control departures.
  6. You cleared test flight number one while I was still on final. It should have been “Number two traffic to follow is on final.” Then a bit later on if I have crossed the threshold then you may clear him #1.
  7. Good LUAW command for Air Canada.
  8. Test flight kept announcing their position. I would have said “You’re already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports.”
  9. I have no idea why Air Canada was sniffing my APU during the pattern but anyways… There were three instances where you could have created separation between us and prevent that awful attempt at a Go Around. The first Maintain slowest practical speed was ok and I think that was good. The second option would be “Extend downwind” when I was turning base and he was just beginning to turn. The third and Final option is a 360. We had so little separation on the downwind/ base leg it would be justified to use that command.
  10. Don’t miss Go Arounds during your practical! There was like a whole 20 second time frame where it would have been ok to call the GA. Air Canada however should have called his GO Around instead of just kinda doing a low pass and almost stalling out, even if you missed it.
  11. Expedite when off runway not needed.

I think you understand the basics of controlling, especially since you were fine with me and you have even passed the written. It’s good you created the tracking thread and I hope you do learn a lot and ace your practical when it comes time.

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Great work on the ATC. Here are some of my thoughts:

You kept a very good eye on the airport and proactively deconflicted the aircraft. Good job. Asking me to give way to aircraft exiting the runway was a very good decision. Although, in my opinion, it wasn’t necessary the first time before my internet cut out but I do see where you are coming from. The second time was very well done. (asking aircraft to give way and airport awareness is something I’m still working on)

When clearing aircraft for the option, I would advise you to clear them for left or right traffic allowing pilots to better prepare for after the touch and go if they choose to do one.

When I was following @KIND9624 (the ANA 787-10) really tightly on my first circuit, you should have asked me to extend downwind, call base or make right 360. Slowing me down could work and was a good first step but i was too close and too quick. KIND9624, if you’re reading this, sorry for “sniffing you APU” and doing a low pass over your head (how did my apu smell) I intentionally flew very close.

You should have given me the go around command a lot earlier. I was too close to the aircraft ahead.

I would like to say that I was testing you when I went to RWY 25 but ngl it was an accident. I thought that was RWY07. The airport layout was a bit wonky… oops.

I don’t think it was necessary to give me multiple follow aircraft commands both on the ground and in the sky. The ground was fairly empty and could be deconflicted rather easily. You didn’t need to tell me to follow aircraft ahead and although I could see why you would want me on the other taxiway you should have used progressive taxi instead. Also, I didn’t need a constant reminder of who to follow while in the sky.

Although i see why the first clearance was late (did i even get one i was so close behind the 78X) but on my second circuit, I feel like I got the clearance for the option a bit late.

The use of the you were already instructed to change freq was a good call. you should have also used the you were already cleared to land.

I think that usually when GND and TWR are operated by two controllers and it is an active runway, the ground controller pass planes off to TWR for RWY crossings as active RWYs such as 07/25 would be part of TWR jurisdiction. Although I’m not sure if it is required when TWR and GND are operated by the same person.

Overall, your service was very professional and a few more practices and you should be good to go. Your ground service was very good, the tower pattern work could use some work. Good luck! (I’ll add more if I think of any after I rewatch the replay)

Also as you can tell i haven’t proof read this. I have found 3 you, your, you’re mix ups so far…


Thank u so much for the feedback guys! Will definitely take these things into consideration next time! Am still learning so will get better time by time. Thanks for coming by and improving my controlling skills! Much appreciate

Am Open at OPKC again! Feel free to join


I had come with the callsign VT-JEL. Here are my observations:

  • Iberia 298’s transition was a little too high, 3000 would have been enough.

  • When I requested change to 25R, I received a clearance before the pattern entry. It is advisable to give a pattern entry, a sequence (if needed) and then a clearance.

  • It would have been better to have me make right traffic after I changed to 25R, would have prevented me from crossing the upwind leg for runway 25L.

  • The exit command was slightly late, aim for around 60 knots.

  • You could have included ‘cross runway 25L’ in the exit command, would have been faster.

  • You can feel free to give aircrafts a runway crossing before they request it.

All good otherwise, I liked the way you sequenced all of us on 25L.

Ya I was a little confused to give u clearance to cross RWY25L or first u’ll ask for it. Will add this to my knowledge for sure! Ya I agree I should have give him the transition at or above 2500ft. Anyways, thanks for joining in and giving me some tips. Will add them all to my knowledge!

Transition at or above 3000 would be better in this case to ensure that minimum aircraft separation between the aircrafts in pattern and the transition aircraft is met.

Happy to help :)


Open at KSSC! Feel free to join

Hey, I was VIGNESH, everything was perfect ,no issues, good job! Good luck to becoming IFATC!

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Thanks for the feedback!! I hope soon…

Hi, I was Iberia 298.

Here is some Feedback:

  • When I requested takeoff remaining in the pattern your clearance was correct. I then requested change to Runway 4R which you said enter right downwind (correct) and then you cleared me for the option number 1. You did not include make left/right traffic.

  • Because you cleared me for the option I reported I was on right downwind full stop and you said avoid sending unnecessary reports. That command was not needed as I was informing you the aircraft was on full stop.

Apart from this you did a nice job controlling.


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Thanks for the feedback!
Am sorry, just checked the reply and ya I found out that mistake. Will remember next time. Apart from that I was told if u clear a aircraft for the option that means u are clearing the aircraft for touch and go or Full stop… so thats why u were already cleared for the option! My bad if am wrong.

Yes, but because I was remaining in the pattern I just requested a runway change so it’s to my understanding that you would give a Pattern Entry - Sequence (if applicable) - Then clear for the option make left/right traffic.

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Well ya I asked my trainer, he said that report is for ur help!