Tupolev Tu-204

Hello, I’m here to request a really cool aircraft that never got the attention it deserved.
What’s the Tupolev 204?
The Tupolev 204 was the replacement for the very successful Tupolev 154. The aircraft was planned to be an equivalent to the Boeing 757 except with less range and payload capacity. Only 86 of the aircraft have been produced since 1989. Today the aircraft is used for limited cargo and civilian transport.
Why should it be on Infinite Flight?
The reason I want to request this is because there are no Russian Airliners on Infinite Flight and they are some of the most interesting aircraft. The Tupolev 204 would be good for medium range flights and would be a good somewhat historical aircraft to enjoy.
What should be included?
I think two variants of this aircraft would fit infinite flight best.
The -100 and -100C
These are a longer version of the aircraft with improved engines and avionics from the base model. -100C is the cargo variant.

Some liveries:
Red Wings Airlines
DHL (operated by Aviastar-Tu)
Air Koryo
Vladivostok Avia
Russian Government
Air China Cargo
S7 Airlines

If it’s an equivalent to the 757, what’s the point?

I mean, I see what you mean here. But I have a feeling that Infinite Flight (along with its current workload) is not likely to add a Russian plane, simply because it is Russian.

However, I have no idea if Infinite Flight would ever consider adding a Russian aircraft. We’ll have to see, but with their current workload I don’t think it’s on the list.

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This won’t matter. A request is a request. They are different from each other apart from the looks. The cockpit is much different and the engines too. Let’s keep each other equal unless there is something not useful for the developers to implement.


Why? What’s wrong with Russians? They build beautiful aircraft


I don’t know, I just have a feeling they’re against Russian made aircraft.

However, I do not have a problem with Russian aircraft, nor do I think this is a bad idea. As I said, we will see. It’s just my personal opinion and I could be wrong.

I’d love this plane in the game, I’d love the SSJ too but I don’t think there is just enough demand for it unfortunately.

Well, who wouldn’t want to see an Air Koryo in Infinite Flight?



Reminds me of a knock-off A321 lol. Voted.


Or the A321 is a knock off Tu-204 haha

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Been more reliable and safer than the MAX…should be in the game!

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And this opinion is based on what exactly?