Tupolev TU-160

A very interesting supersonic bomber with wing sweep.


Some swept wing aircraft made by the Rushkies would make a pretty good addition

I am a big fan of these kind of bombers, such massive appearance and then the mechanical technique that is necessary to move those wings. Breathtaking. This topic deserves a bump, same goes for the B1B. The Tu 160 is the biggest variable swing wing aircraft ever to be built, it will be in service until 2040 and the Russians plan on getting up to 50 more.


source : http://www.military-today.com/aircraft/tupolev_tu160_blackjack.jpg

Further, the Tu 160 is the biggest and heaviest bomber by far that is used today, with 275t compared to the B52 with around 221t.


Just voted. A beautiful aircraft, and thankfully no longer just a museum exhibit due to a modernisation program and possibly even new airframes.

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I would rather see the TU-144 than this tbh

I like the power and sound of it, Even the look of it!