Tupolev Tu-154M Aircraft

Definitely this aircraft is on the list of the most time-consuming 3D modeling, various control systems, physics and sounds. At the current stage of IF development it cannot be done, since the TU-154M is completely different from other aircraft in the simulator. (Not A330 or A220) Also, the aircraft is Russian and many technical drawings are simply not available in other languages.

But in any case, thanks for creating the request and I voted!


Yes, you were right. We are agreeing, too, about Russia’s situation of Tu-154M, more than 320’s fleet for other airlines. Thank you for your perfect vote!

Would vote, but I’m out of votes :(

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Dang. It’s a 10 vote limit on IFC. Next time for your other vote, interest in aircraft part able to enjoy.

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That moment when, He told me to talk about the communication with him “StormyAviation” and we were to discuss the answer sentence then and now trade a new the info and also change the picture Tu-154M and already, I fixed this topic and my sentence made a mistake and only I am deaf and can’t hear. Thank you for the help with StormyAviation, always happy for the help.

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still cant get you

No, sorry. See please above.

The people will be interested in aircraft Tupolev Tu-154M more than range 4,102 miles is better and when I originally first post here to show and there can help people make sure happy. Tu-154 end word is A, B, B-1, B-2, and S less than 2,300 miles but no it’s not fun possible and also I saw a check on the internet for Google information.

no problem man

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Credit Photo from Pertti Sipilä.
Date Taken: December 2, 1989.
Airport: Helsinki - Vantaa Airport (HEL / EFHK), Aviapolis, Vantaa, Finland.
Aeroflot (CCCP-85664) Tupolev Tu-154M.

Yes, I know about the picture only white and black and no color so my apologies and I saw check on the internet for Google information, too.

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Well my dear comrade, i like this topic(in obvious reasons). But unfortunately, this topic is already be lost in shadow, I’m sorry about that. Even if Aeroflot livery still on 737-900 not 737-800 how it should be and A350 Aeroflot livery haven’t fixed yet, then talking about adding Tu-154M is…bad idea.


Hi man, welcome to IFC. Yes, I did a write on the list of airlines also with registration to expect livery and retro logo old and new things on the Tu-154M and but the first time posted a picture only one time old Aeroflot livery and nothing livery yet and I know what happened. I welcome IFC and I enjoy it, too. Thank you.

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Thank you, man!

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Credit photo of Baku Bina.
Date taken: May 17, 1996. At Heydar Aliyev International Airport (UBBB/GYD).

Azerbaijan Airlines (4K-85698) Tu-154M.

I saw a check on the internet for Google information, too.

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Boeing 727 vs Tupolev Tu-154’s.


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Sure!! I am from Russia and I will be glad to see this aircraft in IF!
It is a one of the most beautiful plane in the world 🌍


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It’s so cool, thank you for the sharing!

If you want to feel is free, your vote support for my topic. Thank you!

Slovak Government Flying Service (OM-BYR) Tu-154M posted on Twitter.


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Vnukovo Airlines Flight 2801 Tu-154M August 29, 1996.