Tupolev TU-154

Anyone got livery ideas?


Atlant-Soyuz Airlines.
Russian Air Force.
Azerbaijan Airlines.
Air Koryo.
Cubana de Aviación.
CSA Czech Airlines.
CSA Czechoslovak Airlines.
Malev Hungarian Airlines.
LOT Polish Airlines.
S7 Airlines.
Ural Airlines ( I have a 1:500 diecast model of this one).


@B767fan. Max Sez… Liveries how about a “Skull & Cross Bones” motif!
Just another smoker/Polluter!

(Am told the rear hold has Bomb Racks?. All RU aircraft are multi-purpose)


Leave the crossed skulls and bones for the F4U Corsair :)


Only Marine F-4U’s “Whispering Death” Stormy…

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What about all the small airlines that bought them when the USSR broke up.

These make to much noise for IF ;)

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Create separate topics :)

He asked for liveries.

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Wasn’t the “Whispering Death” the Bristol Beaufighter?

Don’t Forget the iranian liveries
The MAHAN AIR livery was one i saw in the net. Not bad!

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What about Gazpromavia? (Bumping topic)
(Looks slightly like a BBJ IMO!)


Here we go with the Kim Jong Un jokes 😧😩

Great suggestion, - unfortunately with the new system I’m out of votes :P. So A comment in support will have to do.

Among the features of interest - anhedral wind (downward-pointed, unlike upwards-pointed design common on most airliners). Adds to manoeuvrability at the expense of static stability.

Undercarriage retracts into the wing. Triple-section bogeys and wide wheel base allow it to operate from runways that have less-than-ideal surfaces, as common with a lot of remote and regional airfields in Europe, but also some remote areas in places like Canada.

Dog-tooth leading edge on the wing is another aerodynamic feature not commonly found on airliners.

One of the faster airliners to have been in service.

For Infinite Flight, if this is implemented, it’ll be the largest T-tail jet in the fleet and gives the opportunity for some unique handling.


Aeroflot don’t have Tu154,they been but Aeroflot sale them

That’s fine. Doesn’t have to be an active airline (otherwise there’d be no point in having the 747-200, for example :) )

Is this a 727 competitor? It looks a bit longer. But the Russian aircraft are usually less powerful than Boeings, interestingly.

Not exactly, - it’s similar in configuration, but a great deal larger so in a different class. It was primarily aimed at bridging the great distances within the country of origin, so long distance/high capacity/operation from regional runways etc resulted in that plane.
The 727 is for shorter routes and smaller capacities - in other words, not really a competing design :)


Do they still fly these around the world?

Fewer and fewer. Pretty sure Russia retired all their fleet, so there’d be very few remaining operators. Still, would be great to have it in IF, as it was a workhorse for the region for many many years.

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