Tupolev TU-144

This aircraft is amazing! I though someone would have mentioned it before!



Is it just the fancy name for Concorde 👏👍

No. It most certainly is not. This is way better than the Concorde.


I stand corrected, it’s the Soviet Sister to the Concorde.

Concordski to be precise


Its official name is “Charger”, codename given by the NATO.

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It is just the nickname given for its resemblance to concorde

You really want a Russian aircraft in IF now, (I’ve noticed you bumping some of my requests for Russian aircraft and others😄) you’ve got the Russian aircraft bug (like me)

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Yep. Got some civil aircraft book and it’s packed with Russian aircraft. It was only since I got that book I noticed how gorgeous they are!

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Your hooked for life now😄.

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No. The TU-144 was built before Concorde. The Concorde resembles the Tupolev TU-144


@Freddiefrogs But according to a book called the Concorde story the kgb got a hold of one full Concorde blueprint and built off that

The Tupolev TU-144 first flew on December 31st 1968

The Concorde first flew March 2nd 1969


Must be the addition to Concorde!

Would love to see this, IF needs some Russian aircraft.

That just means that they were both being built around the same time.

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