Tupolev TU-134

One of the nicest aircraft I have seen. We also need a Russian aircraft in IF!

[spoiler] Yes, I know this may be a duplicate. However the other topic was very old, I didn’t want to necropost.



Just asking why did you posted if it’s already a post similar to yours . I would like to have these one in IF.


Its an old topic, sometimes they get closed if its over three months. :)

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Don’t think that applies to feature requests- bumping those is ok.


Oh, okay. Sorry about that!

You would be necroposting if you said something that wasn’t related to the current discussion. (i.e. “My dad is cool.”)

I never really liked Tupolev planes and probably never will. They just don’t look right, in my opinion.

Not 100%, but pretty sure with features bumping those is fine.

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Same here ;)

Please remove. One picture per feature request. :)

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okay sorry didn’t know that!