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Hey, today I’m making a flight and I’m unable to to tune to another center apart from the one I took off and I’m wanting to know why:

I don’t know if it is because I’m far from Denver or something and I’ve tried to figure it out from the user guide but I was unable to find out why


If you look to the right of the frequency number, it should tell you your range. If you are out of the range of their frequency, then you won’t be able to tune in. Not even if you’re in the airspace.

From what I can see, you are 430nm away from the range of their frequency, which only spans 405 nm from the airport they’re taking on.

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Thx, so I have to wait until this:

Turns to what number?
Btw it already let me tune but I didn’t realize when

When the 387 was 405, that was the moment when you could tune in.

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I just sow the second part sorry I am replying on my phone

Okkkkk Thank you so much @ZinZowe! You really helped me for the future too :)


Also when you tune to center, just “check in” and they will reply " radar contact"
If center needs you to turn or change altitude, they will tell you. Otherwise follow flight plan until you need to start descending, then you would request to descend via star or a specific altitude.
Have a great flight to LAX !

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