Tunisair (Carthage Eagles livery) A320-211

Hello everyone, for the A320 family rework. I hope there is this livery on the A320.🙇‍♀️

Link: TS-IML | Airbus A320-211 | Tunisair | Philipp Schuetz | JetPhotos

Informations about this plane:

  • Serial number: 958
  • Aircraft (with complete model): Airbus A320-211
  • Airline: Tunisair
  • Livery: Carthage Eagles World Cup 2018


Tunisair is the airline of Tunisia.

Why I want this in Infinite Flight ?

  • We need a tunisair livery in the A320.
  • This special livery is good.

What is your opinion about this livery ?

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I’m out of vote, so I can’t vote for this. :(

Don’t you want it? Clear up your votes then!

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I removed 2 votes, I vote for this. :)


I love eagles, so this livery fits my style. 🦅


The Tunisian airline will be a great add to the A320 in the simulator. ☺

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Its a lovely livery, saw it just recently!

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I think Infinite flight is lacking of Africans airlines on the A320, do you agreed?

Tunisia is in Africa.

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Sorry, I just realised that Tunis is part of Tunisia I thought It was part of another country.

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