Tunisair A320-214 (TS-IMV)

🇹🇳 Tunisair, Airbus A320-214, TS-IMV 🇹🇳


Hey everyone!

I’m back with features request, today I make a feature about the Tunisair A320.

About Tunisair

Tunisair is the national airline of Tunisia who was founded in 1948, it started operations in 1949.
The airline is based on the airport of Tunis Carthage.
They operates four A319s and sixteen A320s in 2017, according to Wikipedia…

The reasons why I want this is diversity, I rarely saw people flying out or in Tunisia (even with the A319 we already have), so having the A320 of Tunisair can open new routes.
Tunisair has a nice livery.

About the plane himself ✈

The aircraft is a unknown years A320-214 who has been delivered to Tunisair in April 2013. The registration of the aircraft is TS-IMV, his serial number is 5610 and it’s named Ibn El Jazzar.

What do you think about the Tunisair livery?

  • Yes, it’s a nice one!
  • Meh, can do better.
  • No, it’s terrible!

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Nice one Alex! I would love to fly this from Tunis - Heathrow.

There are a need for more North African liveries I think, and this would do the trick for sure!

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Thank you @candrej!
Yes, I agreed with you, IF is lacking liveries from North Africa.

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Here is a “better” Tunisair livery, for the ones who voted “can do better”.


That looks much nicer. The other one is just bland.

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Small bump!

This should be add in 20.2, so we can do routes that are operated by the A320!

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Thread updated (better livery).

Very nice!

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Thank you!

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Bumping this up!

Did you know that Tunisair was classed “Worst airline in the world in 2019” by ClaimCompass?

More here


Here is a beautiful drawing of the Tunisair A320 made by @Gm2kmike20.


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and the a330

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Too, but IF isn’t planning to add the A330-200 right now.

Yes, unfortunately

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Tunisia deserves more attention !
It would be cool for flights between Europe and Tunisia.

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You have my vote

Ps: I am Moroccan and i like Tunisie



Agreed (example: Geneva to Tunis).

Thank you very much both @anon36354988 and @BayoMan! 😊

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TS-IMP landing at LFPO in 2017

Even if it only had two votes, this need to be add!

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Thanks for showing this!

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Ooh nice livery! Sadly I’m out of votes :'(

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