Tuning into an ILS causes a crash

Your Callsign

DHL 4701 Heavy

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.02 (985)

Device Information

Huawei Y7 Prime 2018
Android 8.0


As I was cruising, I wanted to see if I could still tune into the ILS of an airport over 27NM away. When I tapped on NAV1 for an ILS for a runway at my destination airport, the screen went black, the sound stopped and IF crashed.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Start a flight
  • Get to cruise
  • Tune into the ILS for a random airport far away

Expected results

Either I would be able to tune into the ILS from far away, or I would get a notification saying I am too far away to be able to tune into the ILS.

Actual results

IF crashed.

More Information


Unable to reproduce (on the ground):


iPhone 6 Plus
iOS 12
20.2 (468)

Able to Reproduce


Galaxy A70

Android 10

20.2 (985)

Ruined my 10 hours of flight :(

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Awww, sorry to hear that :(((

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I’m sorry it happened to you too :(

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Unable to repro.

iPad Pro 11"
iOS 14.0.1

General question, did you experience this just once or at multiple airports? Was the airport EDDF to be a bit out of nowhere?

I experienced it at descent into OKBK

It’s quite weird how it happened, as soon as I tuned in, the app got closed, and my WiFi got turned off too

I experienced it once in Beta. The airport was LROP and I was all the way on the East coast of the USA. I didn’t try it again because I had planned a long flight and I didn’t have much time to start it a third time (in case a crash was to occur again).

Bit on both sides.

Unable to reproduce at OKBK, and other airports in general.

Had an app crash when tuning into KLAX 25L about 40-50nm during Phase 1 but that was in early open beta, and the only issue I’ve had relating to app crashes from tuning into ILS. Don’t think it is anything worth noting though.

Galaxy A70
Android 10
20.02 (985)

Unable to repro.

iPad Air (3rd gen)
iOS 14.0.1
20.02 (468)

Sat at OMDB, tuned into ILS for some runway at Doha, then tuned into ILS for runway 27R at Heathrow.

able to repro

galaxy s10+
android 10
20.2 (985)