Tuned frequency unknown 0.00

This is just an observation but what is it with these Pilots who tune into this frequency as said in the topic just to ignore Tower and ground or even approach or departure commands

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When it says “unknown” it just means they’re not tuned to a frequency. Unfortunately, on the training server, you can’t really do anything about these people.


Then I wonder how we supposed to be learning on the training server with these limitations especially because the training server has no repercussions based on either ATC movements or Pilot movements

Open an ATC tracking thread if you wish to join IFATC. You’ll get the right people wanting to help you and support you along your journey. Youll get the hang of it easily! 🤠

For example I’m open in Boston today and the pilot spawned in near runway 4 left which is in use with departures and arrivals so I asked the pilot to push back expecting runway 4 left and they just proceeded to Runway 15 right… so the question is who’s learning in this scenario… so is the pilot supposed to wait until they are on expert server to be ghosted because they didn’t follow directions OR because it’s the training server their behavior changes based on the server they are on

My attitude needs to be adjusted before I try for i f a t c… I have over 56,000 operations not to say that all of them were the best operations but it might give an indication that I do know what I’m doing when I control, anyway I think I might be getting a little off topic I just want to know how to combat the issue of Pilots being tuned into the frequency as set it in this topic

Remember it’s only automatic. As long as you don’t spam them or give them incorrect instructions, you’ll be fine! I’m the same, not helpful for me when I have anger issues! But I’ve got over them! I passed my written test today! (There is a written and practical test)


On the expert server they would be allowed to land as if they were on Unicom, so you can treat them as such. We only will ghost a pilot if they interfere with another aircraft. There are various technical reasons why a pilot would not be able to tune in. If they don’t respond to one or two on guards, then let them be. They’re not hurting anyone.

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You make a fine I F ATC controller just don’t be strict as I am with your airspace 😂😂😂

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Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it sounds, as long as you roughly know the airspace and don’t ask for them to contact 100nm away, you’re fine…

Or you can just open a tracking thread without applying for IFATC 🤔🤫

Thanks because I thought opening a tracking thread was exclusively for air traffic controllers applying for IF ATC

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It’s one of those ‘what it’s made for’, but the only time you’ll really be able to get a true opinion on your controlling skills, with people who know what they’re doing, for the members who don’t want to be IFATC, but a time to time hobby.

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Exactly traffic at my airport doesn’t have to be hectic I just want great PIC’s who want great controllers😂

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This is a long shot but may be in 2020 they’ll give the air traffic controllers on the training server ATIS so we can tell the pilot in command which runways are in use and for what purpose

One word: abuse.

It’s just not practical especially since many controllers will overload it with unnecessary NOTAMs and half the pilots won’t even listen anyways. IFATC will be your best (and only) shot for ATIS. :)

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As I’ve said in previous post the training server only trains you with the very basics we don’t have all the tools needed to provide the best training experience and a better experience for our PIC’s. The purpose of the post was to show that on the training server there loopholes such as the example that I gave in a previous comment on this post

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For example if we are on a training server as an air traffic controller and we do not want pattern work we have to state that as a broadcast message which atis would do for us and then when you’re on the expert server if there is no pattern work the pilot in command can’t even choose that option but on the training server even if we give them that broadcast message that there is no pattern work it still shows up for them when they’re ready for departure therefore not providing the best customer service then it’s possible that the pilot in command thinks we as a controller on training server don’t know what we’re doing

The struggle you experience at Training server will not be over when you become IFATC and control on Expert.
The struggle is just different.

On Training you have pilots who are clearly there to disrupt good game play. And you can’t police them. That is frustrating.

On Expert you have the ability to Report, which comes with a huge responsibility. You need to somehow work out who is well willing, but just doesn’t know and who is being an idiot. You need to work out who to help a bit and who to report without warning. And all this on a busy airport with little time to think, where pilots expect quality service and don’t want to wait. Denying someone their access to Expert for 7 days is a biggie and you will get challenged by pilots who “were ghosted to no reason” and who demand an answer just as you’re about to go to bed, or to school. He calls you incompetent and you have to stay professional. Speaking of frustrating.
You said it: “attitude is important”. Take it from me: attitude is everything.

Trust me: Training Server is not all bad. Sometimes it’s good not to have that power.

Seen you on Expert! 😊


The explanation was very well put very articulate I appreciate that. You see me on the expert server hopefully following directions I’ve never been ghosted or reported yet at all since I’ve started Infinite Flight hopefully I can keep it that way😂😂. I give my training server controllers the same respect as I would expert controllers when I am the pilot in command

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wait…so if lets say im on final for RW xx on the ES and the controller tells me to go around but because of connection problems I didn’t get it when I touch down will I be met wit a ghost?

any answer will be appreciated by anyone :)