Tune to frequency only in airspace

I couldnt find any duplicates hopefully this isnt. I would like if pilots can only tune into a frequency only if they are within the range. Im sure we all know that pilot who wants a transition cruising at 30k+ ft or pilots calling inbound like 30 miles out which is not wrong but a bit irritating sometimes so can we have it implemented like when no pattern work is allowed we wont be able to click on it…just like this for example u cant click on tower if ur above at most 7000 AGL and at most 10 miles out

Then no one would be able to tune in until they are pretty much on final. Ruins the purpose of sequencing and traffic management, because then everyone wouldn’t be able to call in until they are on top of each other in the cone.

The standard is 10000 feet and 25 miles out, which is completely reasonable. Of course, not everyone will be 25 on the dot, but give or take a couple and it’s perfectly fine. 30 nautical miles doesn’t hurt, it actually helps because it gives you more flexibility to sequence and give commands as necessary. They can’t tune into tower until they’re within a certain range, so it’s effective enough.

There are limitations in place for all frequencies that do the job properly. If someone calls in at 30,000, send them to the appropriate radar frequency if they are open. If not, just send them off with a frequency change. Don’t need to make limitations that are these strict because it’s not really much of an issue, nor is it a detrimental problem on the ATC side of things.