Tune Into Unicom From the Map

Hello everyone! I wanted to present a feature that has been on my mind for quite some time and I think this ability would be really helpful when contacting Unicom.

Currently in the game when you’re approaching an airport and you need to tune in to Unicom, you have to scroll and scroll through lots of airports just to find the one you need. For example, KDFW:
I had to scroll down several times just to find the airport I needed. This takes time and can be annoying, especially when you scroll past the airport you need 5 times(which happens quite often).

Being able to tune into Unicom by just clicking the airport on the map would be a lot easier and quicker than scrolling to find the one you need, especially at an airport with lots of traffic. I have permission to use a second photo from a mod

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this!


Is brilliant! I might clear a vote for this.


This is such a small thing, almost insignificant. But honestly, it would be great to have. I’ll actually go and find a vote for this one.


Would be a great implementation


I have no idea how many times I thought of this but I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I’ll go clear a vote.


MaxSez: Wizard Idea, ya got my vote, It’s not “ small & insignificant” to those who know the frustration & struggle of a fruitless Comm search which adds to the Arrival workload.
Regards, Max


the idea is very good, to tell the truth it is annoying to search for the frequency of the destination airport above all well support this idea


It’s like when there are ATC there but just Unicom so you Get my vote!

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The frustrations when you can’t find the unicom…


This is a good idea. Extremely frustrating when there are a lot of airports are around and you can’t find your ATC…


This has my vote!

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There would be trolls though that would tune into Heathrow unicom from Sydney…

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We need this. Voted

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It could have a range where it’s greyed out just like when you tune active ATC frequencies now. Say, 25nm.