Tune in into airplane frequencies

We should be able to tune in into another airplanes frequency and communicate with them. Especially when there is no atc active.

Bad idea. What happens if you just get spammed with comments from the other pilot…

And isn’t that unicom


Unicom is used for that:

CTAF - Common Traffic Advisory Frequency

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Like vhf over ocean.


Great idea. I could tell an plane in approach (e.g. Redwood 224) things like:
Redwood 244, this is Lufthansa 9. There is a 5KTS crosswind on your GPS 31L approach at Palm Springs. Visibility is around 24km

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This information is already available in the METAR though.

Or you could be like, “redwood 99 requesting priority to land at runway 25L, lufthansa 9.”
And then if he approves you can tell the active atc, los angles tower, redwood 99 approved priority, lufthansa 9.

So then instead of being no. 2 you can land first.

I don’t understand, you think aircraft in the landing sequence should start talking to each other and try rearranging the sequence? That’s just going to turn in to a big mess and cause a huge amount of unnecessary complication for the approach and tower controllers. It isn’t realistic either as it doesn’t happen in real life.

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Maybe yea I guess so. But airplanes are still able to communicate with each other in real life. Otherwise we should add more commands to the atc list, like being able to request priority, etc.

This will cause a huge mess in Playground. Especially with all the peanuts around…

Although multiple aircraft are often on the same frequencies they very rarely speak directly to each other. If information does need passing it is often done via the controller.

I can’t see a “request priority” command being abused in any way ;)


Then i guess there should be more atc commands, if not the ability to speak to other aircraft. Maybe this feature should only be on the advanced server if it is ever made?

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