Tunamkol’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KNFL

Welcome to my ATC tacking thread!
I am here to learn different things with the help of you guys. You can test me however you want!

Status - Open

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I shall come down for a while 😊

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Thanks a lot!

That transition altitude was a bit messed up wasn’t it… Should have have something like 6000

0922Z: I requested a transition, and you told me approved at or above 4,000 feet. This is too low. The airport elevation was 3900+ ft. To calculate the transition altitude, a common method is to add 2500 to your airport elevation, and then round UP to the nearest 500. So, the suitable transition altitude would’ve been 7000ft.

0924Z: I called inbound for touch and go, and you gave me a pattern entry, which is great. However, when you clear me for the option, you need to tell me which direction (L/R traffic) to go after the option.
Note: only do this when the aircraft is first inbound or when the aircraft changes runway

0927Z: Requested a runway change. I’m not sure why you told me to turn crosswind.
In this situation, you should have gave me a pattern entry, then clear for the option. (As mentioned above, make sure to give a direction)

0928Z: Rather early runway exit command. For GA aircraft, aim to give it below 40 kts and for jets, below 70kts would be good.

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Thanks for the feedback… Yes, I realized number 1 and also I realized that I should have gave a pattern entry for the touch n go.
I am just confused about how to accept runway change and give a pattern entry when you are only on upwind

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I tried to say “Turn crosswind Runway 31R” but the option was unavailable.

Runway change, give a pattern entry which would’ve been enter right downwind since I was changing to R. Sequence if necessary (not necessary as there was no other A/C), then clear. Remember to give the direction to go.

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That is wrong.

Refer to below:

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Thanks I really appreciate it will work on those!

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A great explanation from FAA on what crosswind is:

The crosswind leg is the part of the rectangular pattern that is horizontally perpendicular to the extended centerline of the takeoff runway. The pilot should enter the crosswind leg by making approximately a 90° turn from the upwind leg. The pilot should continue on the crosswind leg, to the downwind leg position.

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Ok thanks!

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Are you intending to apply for IFATC by any chance?

No, not at this time.

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I am open at KNFL for 20 to 30 minutes, come down and do some patterns if you wish!

Runways in use: 31s

Any help to make me improve will be appreciated!

First of all thank you for your instructions. Here’s my little feedback:

  1. Transition was good.

  2. After my second T&G you didn’t need to tell me what traffic I have to make since you already told me that from the beginning. Its only necessary when you clear me at the first time. after that I already know which pattern I have to follow.

  3. Runway change was also good.

  4. After I requested inbound to rwy 31R you cleared me right away. Next time don’t forget to give a pattern entry first, and then clear me to land.

Otherwise everything else was pretty fine :)


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Thanks you so much for feedback!

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I am open at KNFL now for 20 or so minutes come by if you wish!

Also 31s are in use, any feedback will be appreciated!