TUI's Around the World Flight? BY934

I came across this flight on FR24 yesterday and found it quite intriguing. It seems to be a one off circumnavigation flight by TUI but I can’t find any information on the internet about it. Does anyone know anything about it?

Flight Number: BY934
Aircraft: B752 (G-OOBC)

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Being used to bring supplies ?

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It may be charter.

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Ooh! That sounds cool. They don’t get too long at any of the destinations but nonetheless it looks like quite the trip! Some great places on there. I guess TUI has an agreement with TCS for the plane then.

When it says Cairns, is that Cairns in Australia? I’m not even sure of there’s even another Cairns… But cool! They go to Australia! I live in Sydney… South of Cairns. 🤗

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Soooooo it sounds like a cruise ship thats actually a plane…?


Wow! It’s a Private Jet Expedition! Cool! If only I could afford it… Lol.

I wonder what the actual price of such trip is going to be, I can’t check on the website. I’m guessing around €200,000.

It’s actually around $90,000 USD, lower than I expected, but still very expensive.

Yeah on their website they have quite a few of these, but this is the big one.

Thank you so much TUI for flying to Cairns! One of the forgotten places in tropical far north Queensland. Although Townsville is better right @Mr_Jetstar?

Also this trip sounds amazing, never heard anything like it.


Who here is in Australia? Cos I am!

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