TUIfly (german Airline) Possible merger with Airberlin and Niki

Picture: Björn von Schlippe

Several german media are reporting that airberlin’s touristic part will merge with TUIfly and possibly Niki. Etihad could found an austrian Holding company. TUI AG and Etihad are both going to own 25% of this new Airline.

I only found german articles:

The Airline-incest continues…
Comment your thoughts.


Cool sounds interesting…

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I don’t think this would happen to be honest!

can someone explain what is happening here, i am confused :/

Lol I like the cartoon.

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Oh man this is crazy! So many employees are reporting to be sick that they have to cancel nearly ALL FLIGHTS tomorrow (108!!!).

They can’t be all sick. And this is happening directly after TUI AG confirmed that they are negotiating with Etihad and airberlin…

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