TUI Ibiza-London Luton

Ibiza-London Luton
flight time: 1 hour 40 minutes
aircraft: boeing 737-8
20:15 pm fuel,cargo and passengers loaded

20:26 pm pushback and engine start

20:30 pm flaps set, taxi starts to runway 06

20:34 pm aircraft begins takeoff roll and rotates at 152 knots

20:35 pm gear comes up and autopilot engaged

20:43 pm reaches cruise altitude at 32,000 feet

21:30 pm enters UK airspace (isle of whight below)

21:49 pm gear down and final for runway 08 at London Luton

21:50 pm touchdown on runway 08

21:52 pm begins taxi to gate

21:54 pm aircraft arrives at gate/stand (got dark really! quick)

21:55 pm aircraft cleaned up and shutdown of engines.


That’s awesome 😎


Really cool 😎 like hiw you added times and a sort of story 👍


thank you it was a good flight

thanks i like to add a almost realistic touch to it

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How was the landing did you butter that landing ✈️😁

Please, only post a maximum of 10 photos / topic.

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it was smooth ish only because i had a crosswind but manged to control the aircraft, wasn’t my finest but still was good

i wasn’t aware that was a limit i will take that into mind

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Absolutely fantastic photos love the TUI livery


Thank you i agree with u there

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same here the flight was REALLY nice watching the sun set

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You still didn’t deleted 2 photos… @Gamer_100

happy now?
it was my 1st time ever doing one of these picture story like things so didn’t know

I can understand that you didn’t know it, but if you don’t do it, there is a chance that your topic gets closed. I’m just saying it for you, no need to be angry. :)

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i wasnt getting angry at u, im new to the whole discussions and other type of area, so i appreciate your help. thank you and if it came across as rude or angry i apologise

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No problem. 😄

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That was pretty cool.

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Cool pics, like that you added the time!

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Thank you it was my 1st time putting times into images

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